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Virtues Based Education

Virtue is what upholds peace and harmony in the universe.

In education, it is far more than just enabling

a sense of utility and employ-ability.  

VBE is unending education, continually unlocking 

the rich mine of gems inherent in every human being.  

Virtues also constitute and cultivate the essence of spirituality

yet without need of allegiance towards any particular religion;

yet simultaneously fostering reverence towards them all. 

Unlike Values, that are group oriented,

Virtues Are Universal. Everyone Values Virtues! 

They are the essence of all religious and wisdom teachings.

They give deeper meaning and context to anything we study 

and can be called upon and developed in all

aspirations and challenges. 

It is the challenges in life that cultivate our virtue.
For example, what is bravery if one has never met with fear?
What is patience if one has never worked with children?
What is compassion if one has never encountered anyone who is in pain?
"Every Challenge is an Opportunity to Develop our Virtue."
And, fundamentally, every challenge is a question one must solve for one's self if it is to cultivate virtue.
Virtues are at the Essence of All Religious Teachings,
but there is no particular religion that needs to be spoken of in order to teach virtues. 
Love, like any other virtue, cannot be forced; no more than any religion can be forced.
But force comes in many ways; sometimes harsh but most often it is subtle.
Often the person or institution doing the forcing doesn't even realize the force that is being used. 
However, if one is given the opportunity to develop love or religion or any virtue on their own,
then they will have found true love, true religion, true virtue!
Virtues Based Education Is Also
Question Based Education

"Answers make you the same

Questions make you different"


Roopantara is a school based on the outskirts of Bangalore, India.

It is both Virtue based and Question based.

It is also Science and Project based.

Utilizing a new model of learning called Spiritual Science.

This method gets at the deeper meanings behind why we should study anything, and

the deeper concepts behind what is already known ...or what we think we already know.

For example, everything is made up of the elements.

If we break that down to the 5 most fundamental essences of the elements

we can also discern the virtues (or spiritual sciences) inherent in each element.

For example, the earth element has the virtues of

firmness, stability, support and acceptance, among many others.

Water has the qualities of fluidity, serenity, cooling, calming, etc.

Fire is persevering, passionate and devotional. Air and Space have their virtues as well.

But such virtues are usually overlooked among the nuts and bolts of most subjects;

and in doing so we are also overlooking some of the most fundamental aspects of our study. 

For example, not everyone will build rockets, but everyone can grasp a better understanding of the fire qualities in rocket building,

such as determination, passion, devotion and persistence, etc; 

but only if we approach rocket building with an eye for the virtues inherent in the science. And when we do otherwise, the child who is only motivated with dreams of being a musician

may not be enabled to see any personal benefit in understanding rocket science.

But the musician that is motivated and tutored by the passion and other virtues of rockets, is also likely to utilize those qualities to both develop her craft 

as well as demonstrate such passionate fire qualities within her music.

Speaking of Art, this is yet another powerful tool within the Roopantara approach.

However, this page is only to give you the big picture of what Roopantara is about.

Nevertheless, in time we will add more about the arts and other tools in the Roopantara educational tool box, such as the speaking books projects, yoga, meditation, nutrition, and many sustainable living and community development projects.

However, if you are already finding that Roopantara is something you would like to support, then the speaking books project is a good place to start (that doesn't require money).

But, of course, making a donation (that does require money:)

is an awesome way to help out as well!

Thank you for taking the time to learn how

Roopantara is changing the world through education and community building!

If you have any specific feedback, questions or comments about Roopantara projects

feel free to contact us at


See More Of Our Vision Here    

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