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Below is a quick overview of only a few key aspects of the Baha'i Faith.

For a more in depth look, please take a look at our video resources. Or, better yet, attend a Baha'i "Fireside." Just check our calendar page to see when the next Fireside occurs. 

In the Baha'i Writings the religions of the world are regarded as lamps that shed Light unto all humankind.  To argue, fight and divide over which lamp is best is to miss their most essential purpose: to light the way to peace through human unity. 


When humanity divides over such fundamental truths the Light in these lamps begins to fade, like the scattered embers of a once glowing fire.

Therefore, the Baha'i Teachings advise us to... 

Be a lover of the Light, no matter the Lamp.

Wherever truth is found to illuminate the global landscape and fosters peace & harmony among all humankind, turn to that Light!

What Is The Baha'i Faith?

Stained Glass Praise

"All the Prophets

are the Temples of the Cause of God,

Who have appeared clothed in divers attire.

If thou wilt observe with discriminating eyes,

thou wilt behold Them all

abiding in the same tabernacle,

soaring in the same heaven,

seated upon the same throne,

uttering the same speech,

and proclaiming the same Faith.

Such is the unity of those Essences of Being,

those Luminaries of infinite and immeasurable splendor!" 

~From The Baha'i Writings 

Learn more about the Light here:

One Light ~ Many Lamps


 "In the effulgent lotus of the heart dwells Brahma, the Light of Lights"
-Mundaka Upanishad

"The Lord is my Light; whom shall I fear?"
"The Light of Divine Amaterasu shines forever"
-Kurozumi Munetada
"Following the Light, the sage takes care of all"
"The radiance of Buddha shines ceaselessly"


"I have come into the world as Light"
-The Bible
"Allah is the Light of the heavens and the earth"
-The Koran
"God, being Truth, is the one Light of all"
-Adi Granth
African Faiths
"God is the sun beaming Light everywhere"
-Tribal African
Native American Faiths
“The Light of Wakan-Tanka is upon my people”
- Song of Kablaya

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